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Micro Waterjet LLC (MWJ) announces the promotion of Steve Parette to the position of Managing Director

Huntersville, NC, February 8, 2012: Max Daetwyler Corporation announces the promotion of Steve Parette to Managing Director for their Micro Waterjet LLC division. “Steve has been part of Micro Waterjet LLC since its inception in the United States in 2009.” Stated Ralph Daetwyler, President, Max Daetwyler Corporation. ““From the beginning, he has been involved in […]

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Micro Waterjet announces sale of microwaterjet® system to INCODEMA, Ithaca NY

Huntersville, NC, October 12, 2011: Micro Waterjet announces the sale of a microwaterjet® F3 system to INCODEMA, Ithaca, New York. “This system, designated the microwaterjet® F3, will enable INCODEMA to achieve a higher degree of precision in prototyping and production runs.”stated Walter Siegenthaler, Executive Vice President, Micro Waterjet LLC. “INCODEMA is known for their high […]

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