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Wavefront, Inc.

-Pete Crawford, President

Leaf-Spring-for-Tiller-Clutch (1)

The flat spring (or leaf spring), used in Wavefront Inc’s TillerClutchTM, is constructed from 304 stainless full hard temper spring stock, 0.508mm thick x15.875 mm wide, customer-provided coil.Tiller-Clutch-clip (1)

The assembled TillerClutchTM from Wavefront, Inc is a new marine accessory used to control the steering on a tiller-steered sailboat.

“Micro Waterjet provided critical length tolerances for our leaf spring part, far exceeding conventional industry machining with part tolerances improving from 0.127mm for standard machining to 0.025mm provided by Micro Waterjet. The timeliness, the precision, the preservation of the material’s properties by frictionless cold-cutting, and the minimal tooling costs make this a really good process for start-ups.”