Building Solid Relationships

Medical Industry Applications

The precision requirements for medical implants and components are more strict than ever.  The customers that we work with in the medical field demand high precision and minimal post-processing.  Below are statements from customers who rely on our expertise to provide timely precise cutting services to meet their quality and delivery requirements.


“The fabrication of our device requires a technology to cut extremely narrow, precise and repeatable grooves in a non-rectilinear geometry. This would not be possible without the Micro Waterjet cutting system. In addition, their personnel have demonstrated great diligence and attention to detail on our project. Micro Waterjet is one of our strategic partners.”

– David N.

Nitinol Medical Devices

“Our company uses the Micro WaterJet Cutting services from Meyer Tool for multiple medical device components we manufacture. This is not your standard waterjet cutting service; they offer precision, medical grade cuts with the quality control demanded by the medical device industry. Their team is communicative and effective and their lead times are fair and consistently met. They are a valuable partner to us for many critical projects. We highly recommend their services!”

– Jeremy B.

Medical Implants

“I was extremely satisfied with the cutting, as I have been every time.”

 – Clay W.

Industrial Equipment Applications

When engineers design components for industrial equipment, there can be a challenge to find a method of manufacturing for precision parts. Below are statements from customers who rely on our expertise to provide timely precise cutting services to meet their quality and delivery requirements.

Custom Gaskets

“When the waterjet service I was using previously decided with no prior notice they no longer wanted to cut my polyurethane gaskets from sheet. .I was tasked with finding another waterjet service provider that could cut them. I tried several providers, but they were unable to cut to the precise dimensions we require. After sending a sample piece of material to Meyer Tool, I discovered that they can hold my dimensions and with better pricing than I was paying before. My technicians who install these gaskets in the grinding systems are completely satisfied with the quality, pricing and delivery. I get very good responses to my requests for quote and any other questions I submit. I have been very satisfied with our relationship.”

 – Buddy A.

Precision Machinery

 “I look forward to taking advantage of your technology now and in the future. I have modified the entire design to better leverage your capability.”

 – Mike H.

Precision Motion

 “We are very happy with the parts you cut for us. If all continues to go well, we will be looking at about 1 to 2 months to finish up everything before we hit large scale production.”

 – Clinton S.

Electronics Industry Applications

There are numerous projects in this industry where our customers have asked for our help.  Below are statements from just a few of these clients who asked us to help them find solutions for which they were struggling.

Detection Devices

“Always a pleasure doing business with Meyer Tool Huntersville. They are very responsive to our tight R&D schedules and have always met or even exceeded our expectations in quality and turn-around time. They have always contributed to our solutions and never been a source of problems for us.”

– Kevin K.


“The physical edge geometries from past parts you made for us were excellent.”

– Patrick A.

High Frequency 

“I worked with Micro Waterjet to develop a method that allowed my company to utilize an existing progressive stamping die to create a strip with critical PC board attachment features.”

– Mike V.

Automotive and Motorsports Applications

Not all things automotive are tied to production vehicles.  Today, there are numerous new technologies being invented and designed that apply to automotive applications.  Below are some statements from just a couple loyal clients who value the responsiveness of Meyer Tool Huntersville and the technology of Microwaterjet® cutting.

Autonomous Automotive Sensors

I’m very pleased with the quality of the parts and the flexibility to use a non-standard material. The minimum radii was better than I could find anywhere else.

– O.W.

High Performance Automotive

“Prior to finding Micro Water-Jet, we were without a source for miniature, precise, clean, warp free cutting of thin hard materials, and the recent upgrades to the inspection process provides added assurance that every aspect of the GD&T specifications are met, the process and team provide quick accurate turn around on intricate parts.”

– Roy E.

NASCAR Racing Performance

“NASCAR is a sport that requires speed and precision. That is why whenever we have small parts that are beyond our capabilities, there is nowhere else I would go but Meyer Tool Huntersville. They pay great attention to detail, and do not make promises they cannot keep. Their ability to hit tight dimensional and surface finish tolerances is second to none. From quoting to shipping, Meyer Tool always makes sure to go the extra mile to make sure to deliver the best customer service experience possible. Every trip to Victory Lane would not be possible without the help of Meyer Tool Huntersville!”

– Todd C.

Miscellaneous Applications

There are endless industries and applications that can take advantage of the precision capabilities of Microwaterjet® cutting technology.  From thin, delicate plastic film to ultra hard alloys, no special tooling is required to create high quality parts.

Below are statements from customers who rely on our expertise to provide timely precise cutting services to meet their quality and delivery requirements.

Marine Devices

 “Micro Waterjet provided critical length tolerances… improving from 0.127mm for standard machining to 0.025mm provided by Micro Waterjet…”

 – Pete C.

Reflective Materials

  “Micro Waterjet came in at the lowest price and shortest lead time as well…”

 – Tom D.

 Power Equipment

 “First of all I wanted to say thank you for the previous round of prototypes. I’m not sure I ever expressed my gratitude for the speed and accuracy in which those prototypes were completed.”

 – Geoffrey P

Research and Development

 “Thank you so much for the great work that you have done. I am very pleased with the end result of your company’s talent. I am working on the next prototype design to send to you.”

 – Colas M.

Precision Instruments

 “Micro Waterjet technology was just what we needed as some of our press tooling was wearing out. The part volumes made it difficult to justify new tooling. The high precision and small kerf size of the waterjet is capable of producing the detail and tolerances we need. Steve, Brian, and the team at Myer Tool Huntsville are responsive and helpful, and the part quality and turnaround is always impressive.”

 – Frank 

Biomaterials Testing

“Meyer completed the job quickly and we had all of the coupons back at our facility within 7 days.  The quick turnaround time allowed us to keep our tight schedule and meet our goal.”

 – Kevin M.

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