Building Solid Relationships


My company manufactures high-end architectural, patented, solid-state LED lighting for commercial, government, medical, and residential construction including remodel projects.

“We were not getting the reflectivity we wanted with the previous methods, and it wasn’t passing our engineering inspections. I went out and starting looking for companies that did waterjet cutting. I sent out about a dozen quote requests including Micro Waterjet LLC. Of the quotes and questions I got back from those who did respond to me, Micro Waterjet came in at the lowest price of the quotes. Also a most important element was the lead time to get the part made and delivered to us. Micro Waterjet also had the shortest lead time as well.”

– Tom Dick

I am collaborating in the development of three-dimensional force instrumentation for use in conjunction with optical microscopes, for use mainly in the biomedical and material sciences. This technology applies controlled 3D forces in the range of pico Newtons to nano Newtons by electromagnets on free floating magnetic probes hundreds of nanometers ([nm]) to a few microns ([μm]) in diameter. Until the advent of Micro Waterjet LLC (MWJ), it lacked the precision and kerf width essential for our purposes.

"Working with MWJ engineers, we have prototyped two pole geometries. Preliminary estimates of production costs compare favorably with the other methods described. While more tests lie ahead of us as of this writing, I am optimistic that MWJ technology is a superior solution for our needs."

-Leandra Vicci

Leaf-Spring-for-Tiller-Clutch (1)

The flat spring (or leaf spring), used in Wavefront Inc’s TillerClutchTM, is constructed from 304 stainless full hard temper spring stock, 0.508mm thick x15.875 mm wide, customer-provided coil.

Tiller-Clutch-clip (1)

The assembled TillerClutchTM from Wavefront, Inc is a new marine accessory used to control the steering on a tiller-steered sailboat.

“Micro Waterjet provided critical length tolerances for our leaf spring part, far exceeding conventional industry machining with part tolerances improving from 0.127mm for standard machining to 0.025mm provided by Micro Waterjet. The timeliness, the precision, the preservation of the material’s properties by frictionless cold-cutting, and the minimal tooling costs make this a really good process for start-ups.”

-Pete Crawford

"The parts were great. We added the countersinks and they fit perfectly onto the fixture. Thanks for turning them around so quickly."

– Rick L.

"We are very happy with the parts you cut for us. If all continues to go well, we will be looking at about 1 to 2 months to finish up everything before we hit large scale production."

– Clinton S.

"Thanks for the great service on this order. The quality is great, and the fast turn helped us to get ahead of our schedule."

– Dan

"I was extremely satisfied with the cutting, as I have been every time."

– Clay W.

"The width and length are spot on and they are impossible to tell from the originals. Thanks for a very pleasant and professional experience."

– Jim E.

"You guys are great."

– David B.

"I look forward to taking advantage of your technology now and in the future. I have modified the entire design to better leverage your capability."

– Mike H.

"I appreciate your help and your speedy response."

– Dan S.

"First of all I wanted to say thank you for the previous round of prototypes. I’m not sure I ever expressed my gratitude for the speed and accuracy in which those prototypes were completed."

– Geoffrey P.

"The process that was used is approved for future prototyping."

– Dan W.

"Thanks for the extremely fast turnaround!"

– Erik M.

"The physical edge geometries from past parts you made for us were excellent."

– Patrick A.

"Thank you for processing those so quickly."

– Mike B.

"Thank you so much for the great work that you have done. I am very pleased with the end result of your company’s talent. I am working on the next prototype design to send to you."

– Colas M.

"The gaskets that you cut for us look great."

– William T.

"Those look 10x better than the laser cut pieces we currently have. I’m very impressed with the quality of the part."

– Cory J.

"GREAT doesn't begin to describe the job that MICRO WATERJET has done and the profile could not be better."

– Jim E.

"Our experience as a customer of Micro Waterjet has been excellent. They deliver consistently fast and on time with accurate parts, which enables us to adapt and iterate our designs quickly. They are one of our most reliable vendors and a valuable business partner."

– Kevin K.

"We have worked with Micro Waterjet to create precision plastic parts for a biological application. We had previously worked with other waterjet companies, but they were not able to create the small features we needed. The staff at Micro Waterjet spent the time to understand our needs, advised us on how to optimize our parts, and has maintained a fast turnaround on our orders."

– Caleb H.

"The fabrication of our device requires a technology to cut extremely narrow, precise and repeatable grooves in a non-rectilinear geometry. This would not be possible without the Micro Waterjet cutting system. In addition, their personnel have demonstrated great diligence and attention to detail on our project. Micro Waterjet is one of our strategic partners."

– David N.