Tired of Costly Post-Processing Operations Following Laser and EDM Cutting?

Micro Waterjet

Post-processing adds extra time to your production process, which slows you down and adds costly steps to your manufacturing process.  Explore this page to learn how our Microwaterjet® process uses a gentler approach to material removal.

Post-Processing for Wire EDM

Since the Wire EDM process utilizes sparks to erode material, this leaves a recast layer on your product’s surface. This may require you to bead blast or electro-polish your parts to remove this layer. You may also need to manufacture extra parts to compensate for fallout during post processing.

Post-Processing for Laser Cutting 

Laser cutting uses extremely high temperatures to cut parts, depositing slag back onto the cut edge. This becomes a laborious process to remove the deposition of this slag, likely sacrificing geometrical tolerance in the process.

Reduce Your Post-Processing Time with the Microwaterjet Process

Our Microwaterjet® process doesn’t use heat, which reduces the impact on your material and eliminates costly post processing. Contact us today to find out more. 

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