Struggling to Find a Method of Prototyping Using a Cold Manufacturing Process?

Micro Waterjet

Laser and Wire EDM cutting methods involve a heat source that negatively impacts the materials in your product. Here we explore how heat in conventional cutting processes can disrupt your timeline and add unexpected costs. 

Extreme Temperatures in Laser Cutting 

Laser cutting uses extreme temperatures to cut your geometric features. Laser cutting results in a heat affected zone that negatively impacts your schedule by requiring timely and costly post-processing. Additionally, the thermal process of laser cutting will affect the temper or state of material being cut.  

Heat Affected Zones in Wire EDM Cutting 

The Wire EDM process creates electrical sparks resulting in a heat affected zone along the cut surface sometimes described as a recast layer that consists of molten material. 

Thus, Wire EDM cutting can negatively impact your part design by inducing irreversible damage to your materials. 

Ready For a Better Solution? 

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