Micro Waterjet announces sale of microwaterjet® system to INCODEMA, Ithaca NY

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Micro Waterjet announces sale of microwaterjet® system to INCODEMA, Ithaca NY

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Huntersville, NC, October 12, 2011: Micro Waterjet announces the sale of a microwaterjet® F3 system to INCODEMA, Ithaca, New York.

“This system, designated the microwaterjet® F3, will enable INCODEMA to achieve a higher degree of precision in prototyping and production runs.”stated Walter Siegenthaler, Executive Vice President, Micro Waterjet LLC. “INCODEMA is known for their high quality and fast turn-around and the addition of the microwaterjet® F3 system to their operations provides additional precision capabilities that enable them to achieve exacting precision.”

INCODEMA is extremely pleased and excited to be the first U.S Company to install the Micro WaterJet system.” Stated Sean Whittaker, President,INCODEMA. “The precision of the Micro WaterJet makes it an excellent addition to our arsenal of equipment.”

INCODEMA, located in Ithaca, New York, is a prototype and short run sheet metal stamping provider. They produce high quality prototype sheet metal stampings, intricate metal forming, short run production stamping, laser cutting, photo chemical machining (PCM), CNC machining and wire EDM, and now micro waterjet cutting. INCODEMA also provides outstanding mechanical engineering and design services specializing in precision metal stampings and injection molded plastic components.

microwaterjet® performs precision waterjet cutting down to +/-0.0005” and provides excellent surface quality without the negative effects associated with process forces and thermal stress. This unique system will enable INCODEMA to decrease scrap rates and deburring while producing precision parts with tolerances ±0.01 mm, depending on material and thickness.

Micro Waterjet, LLC was formed through a joint venture between Waterjet AG and Max Daetwyler Corporation to bring micro manufacturing services for advanced abrasive waterjet technologies to North America. We serve a broad range of markets including aerospace, automotive, electrical/electronic, machine shops, jewelry, medical, motorsports, research labs, and many other specialty applications.

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