White Paper: Overcoming Quality and Precision Challenges in Cutting Applications

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White Paper: Overcoming Quality and Precision Challenges in Cutting Applications

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white-paper-cutting-methods-coverAs one of the most innovative technologies on the market for precision cutting of parts and components, Micro Waterjet has presented a leading-edge alternative for clients struggling with other cutting methods. Today, however, the company has taken their problem-solving approach a step further by publishing a comprehensive comparison guide that details the strengths and weaknesses of all major available cutting methods.

“Getting the right results the first time is what clients expect in this field,” explained Steve Parette, Managing Director for Micro Waterjet. “Understanding the possibilities and limitations of a cutting method before engaging a project is a vital first step in making sure that happens.”

The digital white paper covers not only the Micro Waterjet technology, which is capable of delivering .010 mm accuracy across a wide range of materials with little or no burr and zero heat deformation – but also reviews other common cutting methods such as wire EDM and laser, among others.

The purpose of the piece was to address the concerns Micro Waterjet had been hearing from clients that had experienced failures or less-than-desirable results from other methods. “We’re definitely not saying Micro Waterjet is the ideal solution for every imaginable scenario,” continued Parette, “but we do know there are situations where the accuracy of our process is the best solution.” As covered in the guide, some of those gaps include delicate or soft materials such as rubber or silicone, as well as precision parts needed with minimal burr or post-production finishing – such as watchmaking, aerospace, electronics, and other highly sensitive equipment manufacturing operations. “Our ultimate goal is to help empower clients with the knowledge to make the most of their project in terms of timing, budget, and finish quality. That is one of the greatest services we can provide – expertise.”

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