Upset Over Expensive Tooling and Long Lead Times?

Micro Waterjet

Unexpected costs and longer than expected lead times stop you from meeting deadlines and staying within project budgets. Read more to learn how our Microwaterjet® process can save you more money and time than conventional cutting methods. 

Reduce Expensive Tooling

Conventional cutting methods such as milling and stamping require specific tools based on the geometric shapes that must be created. Creating these tools requires a lot of time and materials that cost you a lot of money. Microwaterjet® cutting simply uses a nozzle to create a thin stream of accelerated abrasive particles to remove material.

Find a Faster Delivery Time

Conventional contract manufacturing suppliers often struggle to expedite manufacturing to meet your delivery requirements. At Meyer Tool Huntersville, we can reduce your lead time and deliver results when you need them. 

Invest In A Solution That Will Be Better In The Long Run

Ready for a solution that will payoff in the long run? Try our Microwaterjet® process. Contact us today to talk with our experts and see how we can reduce your lead times.

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