Fed Up with Existing Suppliers Not Meeting Your Specifications?

Micro Waterjet

Are you experiencing dissatisfaction with other existing suppliers? Are conventional cutting methods failing to meet your manufacturing requirements? Let’s discuss how conventional cutting methods may be a key pain point in your process. 

Are Your Existing Suppliers Over-Promising and Under-Delivering?

Wire EDM is a painfully slow process, which can lead to longer than expected lead times. 

Furthermore, unexpected complications often occur in the machining process with conventional cutting methods. Since conventional cutting methods struggle with cutting different alloys and new materials, the process requires extensive process development. If your supplier underestimates the material structure, then this will further delay your prototype. 

Do Your Suppliers Provide Inspection Reports to Support Their Quality?

Quality assurance is vital to the overall success of your project. When planning a project, you want to ensure that your contract manufacturer provides detailed inspection reports to demonstrate their quality. 

Without an inspection report, you could be unaware of unexpected errors that occurred during the process. 

Are you Settling for Your Suppliers’ Lead Times?

Conventional contract manufacturing suppliers often have long lead times that may delay your project or stop you from meeting your deadline. Be sure you partner with a supplier who can meet your delivery time and offer expedite options when needed.

Do Your Contract Manufacturers Meet Your Required Tolerances?

Companies that use conventional cutting methods may guarantee to meet your specifications or tolerance requirements. However, once the parts are delivered you may learn that they could not meet your requirements, resulting in rejected parts or a deviation from your design.. 

Try A Solution That Will Meet Your Specifications

At Meyer Tool Huntersville, our experts and technology allow us to provide high quality parts to you in a timely manner. Find out more today about our Microwaterjet® process to see how we can customize a solution for you.

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