Frustrated with Stacking Thin Materials for Setting Up Wire EDM?

Micro Waterjet

When you use wire EDM to machine thin materials, you must cut the parts in multiple layers to compensate for this slow cutting process. Read below to learn how our Microwaterjet® process eliminates the need for this cumbersome task.

Cut Without Stacking

For cutting thin materials using wire EDM, the tooling and set up time required to prepare the material often negates the time saved by cutting multiple parts at once. Depending on material thickness, there is also a risk of parts being fused together during the process. With our Microwaterjet® process, you rarely need to cut materials in multiple layers.

Simplify the Process With the Microwaterjet®

With Microwaterjet®, we can configure our cutting systems in several ways, with kerf sizes ranging from 0.2mm-1.0mm (0.008”-0.040”). Depending on your requirements, we will choose the appropriate configuration that results in both speed and accuracy.

Get Faster Results

The Microwaterjet® process cuts at exceptionally faster speeds in comparison to Wire EDM. For parts with many internal features, the Microwaterjet® process provides more advantages, including quickly popping starting holes.

Ready to give it a try? Contact us today to learn more about how our Microwaterjet® process offers a competitive alternative to wire EDM.

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