Micro Waterjet Compares Cutting Methods for Complex Parts and Fabrication.
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Fluid Precision. Flawless Results.

The technology surrounding custom fabrication, cutting, milling, grinding, and production has evolved. Today’s leading-edge cutting solution doesn’t even involve an edge at all – that is the power of Micro Waterjet LLC.

Our micron-precise process harnesses the power of a high-pressure stream of water applied with finer-than-pinpoint accuracy. Unlike other cutting methods like EDM, laser, or traditional water stream, microwaterjet® delivers exceptional results without many of the common drawbacks:

  • No heat affected area like laser
  • No stacking or minimum thickness requirements like EDM
  • No expensive and time-consuming post-production finishing
  • No waste resulting from tool accessibility concerns


Micro Waterjet LLC uses a proprietary solution developed with new Abrasive Waterject Micro Machining (AWJMM®) technology to cut a wide range of materials, including heat-sensitive ones.

Microwaterjet® cutting is economical, resource saving, precise, gentle on materials, and eliminates the need for post-processing.

  • Results across an extensive range of materials from
    rubber to steel and virtually everything in between
  • Positioning accuracy: ± 0.003mm
  • Kerf width: 0.2 mm (0.008”)
  • Cutting accuracy: ± 0.01 mm (depending on material and thickness)
  • Surface quality: equivalent to N7 or Ra1.6 micrometers
  • Maximum work piece size: 1000 x 600 mm

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