The Advantage of Variety

An Extensive Array of Applications and Materials

Microwaterjet® provides an excellent alternative cutting method for high precision cutting – across a wider range of compatible materials than are available with traditional EDM or laser cutting.

Gentle on materials, Microwaterjet® cutting also enables precision cutting in the micron range of thermally sensitive materials, special materials and exotic alloys, as well as standard materials.

Don’t see your material listed below? We still may be able to deliver superior outcomes for your precision cutting needs.

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More Choices. More Materials. More Opportunities for Success.

The Alternative Precision Cutting MethodCompatible Materials


  • Bulletproof glass
  • Glass (un-tempered)
  • Mirror
  • Stained glass


  • Cast iron materials
  • Hardened steel
  • Nickel and nickel alloys
  • Noble metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc.
  • Steel and steel alloy
  • Titanium, Tantalum, Tungsten


  • Aluminum and aluminum alloy
  • Aluminum cast materials
  • Beryllium
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Copper and copper alloy
  • Molybdenum
  • Nitinol


  • Ceramic
  • Mica
  • Precious stone
  • Quartz
  • Stone


  • Acetal
  • Curable plastics
  • Elastomer
  • Noryl®
  • PEEK
  • Polycarbonate
  • PPS
  • PTFE
  • Thermoplastic
  • Torlon®
  • Ultem®
  • Vespel®


  • Foam rubber
  • Leather
  • Polyurethane
  • Silicone
  • Viton®
  • Wood


  • Adhesive materials
  • Composites
  • Layer materials
  • Perforated sheets
  • Sandwich materials
  • Shim stock
  • Structured materials
  • Friction materials