measurements for stiffener


Electronic Applications

The drawing pictured is an example of a glass block used as a transparent stiffener bonded to a flex PC board.

The material is optical grade glass — 0.027” (0.7mm) thick.

The customer attempted to cut these parts using conventional abrasive waterjet technology but was unsuccessful. These attempts rendered the glass unusable due to breakage and dimensional irregularities. The application requires a tight dimensional fit to the flex PC Board due to the incorporation of a high resolution flip chip mounted camera, which peers through the optical glass stiffener. Meyer Tool Huntersville’s engineers reviewed the design and application requirements and, after an intensive R&D effort, were able to devise process parameters to enable the customer to meet print requirements.

The smallest feature on this part is 0.071” (1.8mm) diameter and the microwaterjet® was able to successfully produce these parts to our customer’s requirements.

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