The High-Precision Advantage

Designed for Exacting Levels of Detail

An Advanced Cutting Method

Microwaterjet® was specifically designed to machine two-dimensional, high-precision, and micro parts with multiple advantages over competing methods. Our process offers a substantially smaller kerf width (0.08mm for pure water cutting, 0.2mm for abrasive cutting) compared to traditional waterjet machines (0.8 mm) that are primarily used to cut rough large shapes and/or thicker materials.

In addition, the microwaterjet® utilizes smaller nozzles and a finer garnet than conventional machines. This allows for a 10-fold reduction in the jet cutting diameter, resulting in much finer accuracy from the very first production run.

Microwaterjet® is competitive against EDM and laser cutting as microwaterjet® cuts without Heat Affected Zones (HAZ), which presents opportunities to cut materials with little to no biocompatibility issues or deburring. It is possible to stack cut on the microwaterjet® although some tapering may occur depending on the material/thickness and speed of the cut.

Other Advantages of Micro Waterjet cutting

  • Ability to cut a wide range of materials – from rubber to hard alloys
  • Fast prototype production
  • Flexible production/Just-in-time fabrication
  • High cutting speeds
  • High cutting accuracy
  • High surface quality
  • Optimal material usage
  • Low cutting forces
  • No thermal impact (load)
  • No change in material structure
  • Narrow kerf width
  • Minimal burr on the cutting edge
  • Little to no rework (finishing)